The coolest photo booth ever.


My name is Stephanie Ray.  I am the proud owner and primary operator of The Photo Van.   I also have a successful wedding and portrait photography business called Stephanie Ray Photography  (Formerly Stephanie Brown Photography, my maiden name)  I have been a photographer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 10 years.  You can see my work on my website:  

I am absolutely obsessed with photography.  It is something I am truly passionate about and I believe that comes across in just about everything I do.  The Photo Van is no exception, it truly is born from that obsession! My husband Brad Ray helped me to build The Photo Van a couple of years ago and now he works it with me.  I never even imagined that it would be as well received as it has been.  Mostly because everyone looked at me like I was crazy when I shared my hair-brained idea with them, but once I had the van ready to roll, everyone seemed to love it!  I am so glad that I didn't give up on my vision!  It has been quite a journey, but I did it!   If you  spot the van rolling through the streets of Dallas, don't be shy.  Say hello or honk or whatever you want to show me some love.  See you on the streets!


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