Our Mission:

To make you smile while also giving you an excuse to wear a fake mustache and a funny hat.  


Here is how it works:

1.  grab some props from the back
2. hop in the van
​3. pose for 4 images 

4. enter your email address for your digital copy of the print

5. get a print for every person in the picture!
It is that easy.  For real.


Any Photo Van rental includes custom logo placement to help promote your brand or event!  We can also include your website.  Sponsoring the van for events is a great way to promote your brand!  Call or email us for more info!

Rent the Van for:


Corporate Events

House Parties

Kid's Birthday Parties

Bar/Bat Mitvahs



Bar Events

​Block Parties

Why A van?

My desire to get a van was mostly due to the fact that  my Grampa had a pretty sweet van back in the day and I always thought it was so cool!  The idea actually came about after I already had my heart set on buying a van to carry furniture and props to photo shoots.  One day, I said to myself "I could put a photo booth in there"  and voila!  The Photo Van was born!  

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The coolest photo booth ever.

The photo van  

We converted a Ford van into a photo booth and it is unlike anything you have ever seen!   The Photo Van is perfect for house parties, weddings, corporate events, or anything else you can think of that has a parking spot and an outlet.